Seiko Dive Watch Review: SKX173

It is not hard to see why so many people rate the Seiko dive SKX173 as the ultimate classic diving watch on the market today. Many Seiko dive watch owners are so fascinated by the features and characteristics of this watch. You would probably know what to expect out of this dive watch if you have already owned the Seiko dive SKX173 given its basic look and feel. However, this Seiko dive watch contains amazing simple features like a great display and bezel, and keep in mind that it utilizes an intriguing automatic mechanical power which is extremely useful. So if you have never owned a SKX173 then you will definitely be in for a big and pleasant surprise.

The Case and Dial

Like other Seiko diving watches, the SKX173 model is packaged in a stainless steel case featuring the sleek Seiko Wave logo and three super important pieces of information- the movement number, the case number, and the serial number. The case has a beautiful brushed surface which adds to the clean and sharp look of the watch. The face of the SKX173 Seiko dive watch contains a deep jet black color, adding to the whole professional clean look that you come to expect from classic dive watches. The SKX173 has square markers, a black bezel and dial, and number and circles markings to show elapsed time.

Many people love the Seiko Dive SKX173 because of the appearance and texture of its bezel and rotator. The rotator bezel also has a countdown option, which can be activating by turning the 0 indicator to any hand on the watch.

Power and Accuracy

One awesome aspect of the Seiko dive SKX173 watch is how it operates; you don't need batteries! The watch actually works with your own body movement- it is powered when your wrist moves. What does this mean for you? Well, you'll never have to worry about changing the battery! This also avoids the hassle of trying to remove and replace any small mechanism in the watch if you had to open it to replace the batteries. Also, your watch will always be accurate for as long as you're wearing it. Even if you remove the watch for a short period like fifteen or twenty minutes, it will still keep the time perfectly accurately.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

The Seiko dive SKX173 is waterproof, making it ideal for avid divers in search of an excellent watch of this calibre in the market for watches. It is one of the best available today! It has rubber straps along the stainless steel buckle, making it a diver's watch that can withstand even the most adverse conditions. It is virtually indestructible.

It is quite clear that the Seiko dive watch is one of the best diver's implements available today. You don't have to be a pro to appreciate it, though! Any business professional who enjoys watches and wants to own a watch that can run without a battery will also love the Seiko SKX173.