It is not hard to see why so many people rate the Seiko dive SKX173 as the ultimate classic diving watch on the market today. Many Seiko dive watch owners are so fascinated by the features and characteristics of this watch. You would probably know what to expect out of this dive watch if you have already owned the Seiko dive SKX173 given its basic look and feel. However, this Seiko dive watch contains amazing simple features like a great display and bezel, and keep in mind that it utilizes an intriguing automatic mechanical power which is extremely useful. So if you have never owned a SKX173 then you will definitely be in for a big and pleasant surprise.

The Case and Dial

Like other Seiko diving watches, the SKX173 model is packaged in a stainless steel case featuring the sleek Seiko Wave logo and three super important pieces of information- the movement number, the case number, and the serial number. The case has a beautiful brushed surface which adds to the clean and sharp look of the watch. The face of the SKX173 Seiko dive watch contains a deep jet black color, adding to the whole professional clean look that you come to expect from classic dive watches. The SKX173 has square markers, a black bezel and dial, and number and circles markings to show elapsed time.

Many people love the Seiko Dive SKX173 because of the appearance and texture of its bezel and rotator. The rotator bezel also has a countdown option, which can be activating by turning the 0 indicator to any hand on the watch.

Power and Accuracy

One awesome aspect of the Seiko dive SKX173 watch is how it operates; you don't need batteries! The watch actually works with your own body movement- it is powered when your wrist moves. What does this mean for you? Well, you'll never have to worry about changing the battery! This also avoids the hassle of trying to remove and replace any small mechanism in the watch if you had to open it to replace the batteries. Also, your watch will always be accurate for as long as you're wearing it. Even if you remove the watch for a short period like fifteen or twenty minutes, it will still keep the time perfectly accurately.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

The Seiko dive SKX173 is waterproof, making it ideal for avid divers in search of an excellent watch of this calibre in the market for watches. It is one of the best available today! It has rubber straps along the stainless steel buckle, making it a diver's watch that can withstand even the most adverse conditions. It is virtually indestructible.

It is quite clear that the Seiko dive watch is one of the best diver's implements available today. You don't have to be a pro to appreciate it, though! Any business professional who enjoys watches and wants to own a watch that can run without a battery will also love the Seiko SKX173.

The Suunto D9 11/23/2009
The Suunto D9 Dive Computer

You should consider the Suunto D9 dive computer when looking for quality scuba diving equipment that will help keep you safe underwater. We wish to provide you with useful information before you make your purchase, to help you make a well informed decision. The Suunto D9 has superior features and functions, even in its basic models. In fact, it is known for being the world's first all-in-one dive computer. Prices range between one thousand to two thousand dollars, depending on the options you chose and where it is being purchased. It is rated as a superior computer when compared with similar products in the same price range.

Remarkable Features

The Suunto D9 can be worn as a watch above water at any time or any occasion. However, when underwater, it provides all the gauges which allow you to log time, depth, temperature, and no-decompression limits over many divers. You can switch between metric and imperial units and between free and gauge diving. Its digital compass can store multiple headings, unlike most regular compasses, making it easier to put together maps. This dive computer contains so many features which makes it superior to other dive computers that are around.

Multiple Gas Mixes

The capability to handle three gas mixes makes the Suunto D9 good for deep technical dives. Divers using the D9 computer have the ability to switch between 3 gases during their dives, using gases with anywhere between 20 and 100 percent oxygen. Able to be used at depths up to 660 feet (200 meters), the D9's Deep Stop RGBM lets the wearer add safety stops to allow for safe gas switches. Testing proves the D9 both capable and reliable after even hundreds of dives.

Wireless Transmission

Use the Suunto D9’s optional wireless transmitter and connect it to the first stage to convert it into an SPG. For diving instructors, using the multiple transmitters to monitor the pressure of more than one tank can be really useful. On the other hand, this feature must always be activated before you start diving because if this is not done then you will have to go back to the surface to activate it.

Dive Logging Capability

The USB interface that the Suunto D9 dive computer contains, along with PC software enables you to log your dives easily and provides you with a complete profile due to all the vital information it stores. These include photos from the dive as well. Many people are fascinated that they can compile this type of information from individual dives, including the sites, conditions, and any type of useful info you may need.

What More to Know

If you have a MAC, the software won’t work, which is a bit of a setback while using the Suunto D9, and on top of that, you need to change the battery which costs quite a lot and you have to send it back or you will have the choice of a wireless transmitter that you have to turn on at the surface. All in all, the Suunto D9 dive computer has so much to offer a deep diver as it's a watch with a built in computer. Everything it offers is so great when divers need to go deep and explore in their dives. Basically, it's one of the best for dive computers.

What You Should Know About Scuba Tanks

A scuba tank is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who plans to on a dive. This tank can either be rented or purchased, depending on whatever suits you best at the time. In truth, the more appropriate name for a scuba tank is the "diving tank" or "diving cylinder," the latter of which is the popular usage with British divers. However, the most common phrase worldwide is known as the "scuba tank".

Anyone who wants to use a scuba tank should first learn how one works, especially if it is your first time to use one. Each scuba tank has something called a diving regulator demand valve. When the diver needs air, he or she operates the valve and receives this gas, or high pressure breathing air. Most full tanks contain enough air to last for a week or so without having to be refilled again until fully empty. Various factors, including capacity, quality and other important things, go into choosing which particular tank to buy. Getting a good tank means better safety over your life.

Two Choices

Firstly, you might want to consider the type of material that is necessary for your diving needs or wants. Scuba diving tanks are available in either aluminum or steel, and each has their own unique benefits as well as their own faults. The drawback to both, unfortunately, is that salt water will definitely cause these materials to corrode over time. However, this does not have to happen and can be avoided if proper upkeep and maintenance is performed regularly on your scuba tank. If completely taken care of, the tank will endure the corrosive effects of the salt water and will last sufficiently long enough for a number of years instead of just a few useless months.

Any diver has two choices for diver tank in steel and aluminum, however, the advantage with steel is that it is stronger, more ductile, has less effective cost of construction. The advantage of aluminum over steel is that it weighs less than a steel tank, resulting in the diver having more buoyancy. Nonetheless, they are beneficial in different scenarios; steel tanks work best in deeper waters to due to its weight and aluminum works best in waters that are not that deep.

Pressure Plays an Important Role

You should think about what pressure you want your diving tank to contain because that is a major factor to take into account before getting a scuba tank. Both aluminum and steel tanks come in either low- or high-pressure options. The most common scuba diving tank pressures used are 2640 pounds per square inch, 3000 pounds per square inch, and 3442 pounds per square inch.

High and Low Pressure Tanks

High-pressure and low-pressure tanks have their own advantages and disadvantages. Low-pressure tanks are better for technical divers. They also are less likely to fail. On the other hand, they are larger than high-pressure tanks are. The main advantage of high-pressure tanks is their smaller size, which makes them easier to handle. Their main drawback is the increased stress placed on portions of the tank. High pressure can lead to damages being done to the O-ring or other components, as well as ultimate tank failure. It is best to get advice before choosing a particular kind of tank.

Divers who have experience with both types can give useful insight into the decision process. The choice between high-pressure and low-pressure is not the only one you will have to make. There are many different aspects of scuba tanks to consider, and each will come into play when you go diving.

Kintaro Hattori's original humble vision has helped to create one of the world's best dive watches. From Hattori's work, generations of excellent designs for automatic divers' watches have been created. Seiko proudly presents one of the latest advancements in timekeeping with the SKXA35 Seiko dive watch, after 125 years in making and improving other Seiko dive watch models. Nineteenth-century Tokyo clock shop attention to detail combines with the most modern twentieth-century electronics and materials to create an excellent diving watch powered by the motions of your body.

Features and Functions

You can wind the SKXA35 watch just by the natural motion of your wrist. It will always look as good as it did when you bought it due to its awesome stainless steel case built to withstand the saltwater acidity. It was specifically designed as a diver's watch. However, it makes an incredible casual watch or fashion accessory fit for any occasion. It has a date window and gives English and Spanish day and date options. It’s easy to read markers put modern day and night mode features to shame.

The Appearance of the Dive Watch

This particular Seiko dive watch has a solid steel case, with a polished satin finish and a threaded screw-down crown cap to keep it especially secure. The glass is a treated Hardlex mineral which prevents scratching and gives the watch a flat and simple profile. The bezel rotates one way to track the elapsed time, making it useful for you to take down the time for various events including your dive. The case is 13mm thick and 42mm in diameter, and it is highly waterproof to 20 atmospheres or 200 meters (660ft). All of its features were specifically designed for diving and they all meet ISO standards for diving timepieces.

Want to know how easy is it to wear the SKXA35 Seiko dive watch? It has a long black vented urethane strap and a stainless steel case intended to look good and feel good on your wrist. It has a traditional tang clasp, and generally feels like any other diving watch. The flat vent strap is softer than most, making it comfortable for you to wear. And this feature also makes the watch easy to customize so that it can be attractive even when you're not diving. You can also change the belt and find out whether you want either the radical or subtle modifications for both office wear and or casual excursions. The Seiko Dive SKXA35 is intended to suit your needs wherever you are at any given time and situation.


Known as the bumblebee watch, the SKXA35 Seiko dive watch has a wonderfully colored and luminescent dial which is meant for diving purposes. Beautifully crafted in a unique way, it is ideal for both diving and wearing everyday and makes for a great fashion accessory as well. Though less popular than some of the competition, its quality should appeal for every man given the robust and rugged features. This watch would make a wonderful gift for just about any body.

Basic Knowledge on the IWC Aquatimer Dive Watch

The IWC Aquatimer watches have a sturdy, trendy comfortably design which is balanced with a stylish casing. They are made of material which is light in weight but full of endurance like titanium or stainless steel. Watches that weigh more tend to make your muscles fainter and if you are currently wearing a heavier watch then you can easily note the difference when making the switch to the IWC Aquatimer. The brushed finish on this watch helps to reduce the slightest signs of any scratches while cutting down on glare at the same time. It will also remain comfortably fit regardless of what setting it is in. This is because a lot of time and effort goes into the casings and components of this brilliant watch. Instead of being stamped they are milled and drilled which allows for a closer fit of the pieces.

What Makes it so Easy to Read?

The convex sapphire crystal combined with a black background, steel indices, and hands is another remarkable feature that makes this watch easily readable. It has precisely applied luminescent material which means that there is no bleeding, staining, or holes. There are some Aquatimer watches that use tritium, while others may use super Luminova or even a combination of both. Tritium glows constantly, but should be used in reasonably small amounts as it contains radioactive characteristics. On the other hand, Super Luminova glows only for four or five hours but is not radioactive like Tritium. Therefore, combining both is a great idea. The dial is big enough to easily tell what the exact time is, but it is not too big to make this brilliant watch look overwhelming in any way.

Unique Bezel and Kit Features

The IWC 2000m watches have the interesting feature in which the bezel won't turn unless pushed down on both sides. This is to reduce the probability of accidentally turning the bezel and spoiling it somehow. The bezel can also be removed to be cleaned, and to eliminate the problems caused by material building up under the bezel during normal operation. You can clean it yourself by removing the screws that hold it in place, without having to have the watch sent to be fixed by a professional. IWC Aquatimer dive watches have parts that are very different from those used in do-it-yourself kits which contain parts of their own. The 2000m Aquatimer Automatic users the 2892 kit, for example, which means that it must have certain components that will match the durability of the rest of the watch to ensure it carries out its intended duties and remain durable to any condition.

The Bands

Tear resistant Velcro and metal link bracelet are the two bands that are common for diving which IWC makes. With the bracelet, you can add or remove links, but the only downfall is that it is easy to scratch. However, apart from these two common dive bands, the rubber bracelets which they manufacture make superb dive bands as well. The IWC Aquatimer 2000 has a design where the bracelet tapers off as it nears the clasp so that it doesn't interfere with wrist movement. You can purchase the diving strap directly from IWC, and, unlike other straps, it doesn't rub the skin.


Comfort and strength is what the IWC Aquatimer watches are designed for. Some people think the watch could use a modification or two, but most believe that IWC dive watches have already obtained this goal. It is not hard to see why IWC has remained a pioneer in watch manufacturing because of their ground-breaking designs and technologies.